How does it work?

Housed inside each wheel is an electric motor, along with a tilt and speed sensor. These sensors pick up revolutions per minute (rpm) and tilt information and send this to the gyroscope and speed controls, located in the body of the board.

The sensors react to direction and force of pressure. If you pivot your toes forward, the board will accelerate and if you shift weight onto your heels, the board will slow down or stop, depending on the amount of pressure applied. Shifting your weight from side to side enables you to steer.

Is it difficult to control?

You do not need to have any experience of balance sports such as skating or boarding to use an Easy Rider self-balancing scooter. The inbuilt sensors do the hard work for you, so it’s essentially a matter of getting familiar with how the board reacts as you shift pressure backwards and forwards and side to side.

Most people find themselves getting to grips with steering after about 30 minutes practice. Pretty soon, controlling it becomes second nature.

Can anyone use it?

Scooters from Easy Rider are not designed for use by persons aged under 12 years. They should not be used by pregnant women. Individuals with pre-existing medical problems should seek medical advice before using them.

How fast does it go?

An Easy Rider self-balancing scooter will reach a maximum speed of around 15 km/h on flat terrain. Exceeding this (when going downhill, for instance) will cause the speed alarm to sound, warning you to slow down your scooter by shifting some pressure onto your heel.

What safety gear should I wear?

It is recommended that you wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads when riding the scooter.

What terrains is it suitable for?

The solid rubber tyres can cope with the types of bumps and unevenness you would expect to encounter in an urban environment. However, it is recommended that you use these products on only flat, paved surfaces. These boards are not for use on seriously uneven ground, sand or ice.

Where am I allowed to ride it?

Current laws prohibit riding motorised skateboards in public in some states, see details below.

Australian rules for riding motorised skateboards:

New South Wales:

— Can ride on roads but must keep left and cannot travel beside a pedestrian or car

— Can ride on footpaths and shared paths but must give way to pedestrians and bicycles, and must not ride on the pedestrian lane of shared paths that split in two


— Riders must wear an “approved bicycle helmet”

— Can ride on footpaths and shared paths but must keep left and give way to pedestrians and bicycles

— Can ride on roads except those with a median strip or centre line, one-way roads with more than one lane, and roads with a speed limit over 50km/h

— Must not ride at night, alongside a pedestrian or car, or cause a traffic hazard


— Free to ride on private property

— To ride in public spaces, must wear approved helmet, have a learner or full motorcycle license, and the scooter must be registered

South Australia and Tasmania:

— Private property only

Western Australia:

— Private property, off-road areas, and “any local council land designated for their specific use”.

Are there any weight restrictions?

The recommended maximum weight for persons using Easy Rider self-balancing motor scooters is 110 kgs.

How do I charge up my scooter?

The scooter is supplied with an AC power charger and has an inbuilt Samsung lithium battery. Charging simply involves connecting the scooter to the mains power.

How long does it take to charge?

Easy Rider self-balancing motor scooters take 1-2 hours to fully charge. A full charge is enough for approx 20 km of usage.

How do I know Easy Rider self-balancing scooters are safe?

These products have been designed and built to comply with all relevant Australian safety regulations. There have been stories of consumers experiencing problems with brands other than Easy Rider, including electrical fires linked to the charging process – especially with generic ‘no name’ batteries. With Easy Rider products, each scooter is supplied with an SAA Australian certified battery charger and Samsung battery, incorporating automatic cut-off when the battery is fully charged to prevent overheating.

All of this ensures you’re in the safest possible hands.

What if there’s a problem with my scooter?

Easy Rider is based right here in Australia. If you have a query about your product, simply call or email us and our friendly customer service team is on hand to help.

What’s more, each Easy Rider scooter is protected by a 12-month Australia-wide warranty covering any manufacturing defects. In the highly unlikely event that a fault arises, please return the faulty scooter to us for a replacement or refund.

Why are your scooters more expensive than other brands?

Easy Rider has gone to great lengths to find the highest quality supplier of self balancing scooters and to meet all Australian electrical and safety standards.

Some cheaper versions have been known to start electrical fires when on charge for long periods, so don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, queries or concerns feel free to get in touch and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.

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